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About The Eyes

Bilingual photography magazine, The Eyes questions photography at the European level, restoring its political, cultural and historical function!

Innovative and open-plan, it aims to enrich your experience through the use of augmented reality, introduction to the practice of collection or participation in events organized by The Eyes.



Why supporing us ?

Time and great involvement are required to support The Eyes ambitions and level of demand.

The Team and contributors are fully committed in the project. The Eyes needs you to support a unique and independent publication over the long term. Join the club of The Eyes supporters!


Join The Eyes club means :


•  contribute to the visibility of emerging talents,


•  support an independent magazine by inviting photography to reflect on the future of Europe,


•  support a publication that is betting on demanding  and aesthetics values,


•  participate in the development of the first network of actors of photography in Europe,


•  be part of the challenge of “connected paper” combining digital and printed by augmented reality,


•  support creative photography with The Eyes Collection.



The Eyes Club exlusive benefits


I become Friend of The Eyes for 70€ for :


•  The Eyes news in preview,


• a one year subscription to The Eyes  (2 issues),


• exclusive offers to events and openings,


• a The Eyes tote bag,


• mention as Friends on the website,


• a 20% discount on Aman Iman Publishing books, publisher of The Eyes


I become Benefactor of The Eyes for 150€ with Friends advantages and :


• a complimentary book from Aman Iman Publishing collection, publisher of The Eyes,


• a 10% discounts on prints from The Eyes Collection,


• Priority access to gallery walk and institutions private visits in Paris organized by The Eyes.


I become Patron of The Eyes for 350€ Benefactors advantages and :


• a complimentary print from The Eyes Collection,


• an invitation to participate to the editorial board,


• a 10% discount on Aman Iman Publishing special edition (box including a book and a signed limited edition print),


• your credit in each issue of The Eyes,


• exclusive priority access and under preferential conditions of private visits journeys organized in one European city honoured in The Eyes.


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How to pay my membership ?

You can send us your membership by check payable to Aman Iman Publishing at the address : The Eyes / Créatis, 226, rue Saint-Denis / 75002 Paris / France


by bank transfer to the following account:
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Bank : CIC Paris Cler / 30066
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