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PUBLISHER – Vincent Marcilhacy joined the Agence VU’ in 1996 where he held several positions before developing the department of Special Projects. In 2008, he produced and co-published VU MAG. In 2009, he became Director of the Galerie VU’, founded in 1997. In 2012, Vincent Marcilhacy created Aman Iman Publishing the he develops since.

Guillaume LEBRUN


EDITORIAL BOARD – Guillaume Lebrun is a photographer, teacher and art workshop leader. His photographs are inspired by the history of the European continent, by literature and by cinema. He teaches at ISAAin Paris and conducts workshops with Le Bal – La Fabrique du Regard – and the Maison Européenne de la Photographie and is involved in Aman Iman Publishing as co-designer of books.



EDITORIAL BOARD – David Marcilhacy, who holds a Ph.D. in Contemporary Spanish Studies and has obtained the Spanish Agrégation, is a professor at the Paris-Sorbonne University. He has lived and worked in France, Spain and Turkey, developing teaching, publishing and researching activities in the fields of culture and politics.

Remi Coignet


EDITORIAL BOARD – Rémi Coignet is the editor in chief for the review The Eyes dedicated to Europe and photography. In 2014, he published Conversations a book of his interviews with photographers, publishers and designers. In 2016 came out a second volume Conversations 2. He ran the blog Des Livres et des photos on Le Monde website from 2008 to 2016. He also has been a chronicler for the french photographic magazine Polka. His writings appeared in various national and international magazines. 



DIGITAL DEVELOPMENT – A graduate from the Ipag (Institut de Préparation à l’Administration et à la Gestion) and from Institut d’Enseignement des arts, Arnaud Bes de Berc has been fulfilling the role of Consulting Director for an interactive communication agency. He is also partner of Aman Iman Publishing, in charge of all digital adaptations of The Eyes project.

Véronique Prugnaud


PARTNERSHIPS & ADVERTISING – Through Redbox Prod Véronique Prugnaud supports and advises cultural structures in the development, production, public relations or fundraising for their events, fairs, festivals, magazines and exhibitions. She is particularly in the field of contemporary art, photography and jazz projects with an international dimension.

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