Europe and Photography!

A space made for fluid exchanges and free expression, The Eyes turns to photographers and visual arts enthusiasts as well as those passionate about Europe.

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Photography, a medium with an universal language, a unique tool to explore
Europe and beyond.

With three main focus, Imago, Europa and Agora, The Eyes offers multitude of means to understand Europe through photography.

It’s about opening up the medium towards further creative forms, to stimulate exchanges and never stop questioning your own beliefs.

We progress through the pages of The Eyes like one would be travelling across Europe, through the eyes of visual art artists and creators. They take us beyond its vast territories and cultures, through the codes of photography, exploring influences, traditional ways as well as current activities and movements.

Together towards “connected paper”

The Eyes is looking at optimising fully the synergy between traditional printed paper and the digital area.
The editorial is specifically designed to answer the requirements of printed paper and digital supports.
As a bi-media, The Eyes is convinced by the role of “Connected Paper”. Preserving and exploring simultaneously the love for printed materials and the usefulness of digital interactivity.

Through the pages, the reader is enticed to enrich its reading experience. Via the printed version readers access to the Augmented Reality. From an Ipad you can order photographies from collections, special printed editions, and have access to exclusive digital content.

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    The Eyes limited pictogram allows the reader to access to the prints and special editions available.

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    The Eyes link pictogram indicates the presence of Augmented Reality experience.

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    iPad only pictogram indicates the presence of contents exclusively available on the digital version.

La rubrique INSIDE va à la rencontre des lieux de la photographie d’une ville européenne.

La rubrique MAP pour suivre l’actualité de près de 500 relais de la photographie en Europe.

Bringing together Photographs amateurs
and actors in Europe.

Understanding the stakes of an european photographic network, The Eyes creates a channel linking 500 photographic platforms together on the continent. An non exhaustive list of libraries, galleries, museums… for which the Eyes suggests its very favorites.

The readers can virtually travel along this network via the MAP section, available via an application on any Ipad or Iphone! All you need to do is select your favorites and follow its trends and actuality (signatures, prizes, current exhibitions etc.)

picto iPad map

The The Eyes Map icon refers to the map of places of photography in Europe!