AutreSphere is a company specialized in the creation of digital books and innovative and intuitive applications for iPhone and iPad, now expert in native iOS development. She collaborates with designers and web talented developers to provide a comprehensive professional solution.

Neuflize Vie

Neuflize Vie is a major partner in the cultural field and especially in the creation of contemporary images and their diffusion.

Neuflize Vie supports The Eyes in connected paper innovation.

Picto Galerie

The smartest way to expose and sell your pictures online! Picto Gallery proposes the creation of a site or the convertion of an existing site in an online store for prints.

Intersection Lab

Intersection Lab specializes in counseling and the development of mobile services. Intersection helps its clients integrating mobility in their communication, their information system and the deployment of their tools.

La Gaîté Lyrique

La Gaîté Lyrique is one of the largest cultural centres of Paris. The building holds a concert stage, an exhibition hall, a lounge, a video game room, and a recording studio. Créatis is located on the top floor.

Labo de l’édition

The Labo de l’édition, which translates as “The Publishing Laboratory”, is an autonomous open space reserved for publishing professionals. Its purpose is to support new, innovative young structures and help those working in the traditional publishing sector to adapt to the challenges of digitization.


Créatis is the young business incubator created by La Gaîté Lyrique. This space dedicated to innovation in the cultural sector has been host to THE EYES since June 2013.


As the quintessential television channel for innovation and culture, Arte shows its interest for Europe by organising various European events and programmes. Deeply involved in the digital culture, some of the events organised are dedicated to new digital practices.

Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute

Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute is an independent research institute based in Paris. It was founded by Jacques Delors in 1996 with the goal to “develop the idea of a united Europe”.


Founded in 2007, Illegal Factory specialises in the production of augmented reality technology.

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