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Place Blanche

After Gröna Lund by Anders Petersen, The Eyes Publishing continues with Galerie VU’ (Paris) its series of reissues of rare and sold out books of Photography.

For Les amies de Place Blanche, it is both a new look on the photographs of Christer Strömholm in collaboration with his son Joakim and the luck to get in 2011 the testimo- nies of Nana and Jacky, the two main transsexual friends photographed in Paris in the late 50’s. It is also relevant to have today in France the possibility to tell and show this particular question of body and identity – an act unthinkable in France at the time of the first edition in 1983.

Christer Strömholm’ work has long surprised as it seemed diffi- cult to accept that a photographer could immerse himself taking as much advantage of the visual and sensitive context he was living with. From 1958 he concentrated his efforts and his work on transsexuals of Place Blanche in Paris. It is this series of photographs that made him famous to a large audience outside his natal country.

Les amies de Place Blanche returns to the book published in 1983 around the marginals of Paris nightlife from 50s and 60s : dark vision, poetry, extistentialism and transsexuality with Christer Strömholm, the father of modern Swedish Photography (born July 22, 1918 and died January 11, 2002).

Price : 45 €