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The Eyes N°2
spring-summer 2014

The Eyes looks at Europe through the wide prism of photography. In Imago, The Eyes unveils and questions the mutations currently undergone by European visual creation. Europa is an attempt at letting out the animated face of Europe, a huge territory to discover. Agora aims at bringing together a whole community of actors, all revolving around the reader as a recognized stakeholder. The iPad version of The Eyes has been designed as an autonomous application: discover a brand new layout for an enriched audio and video experience.


Portfolio Mod couples par Carlotta Cardana

Editorial Vincent Marcilhacy

IMAGO Withstanding the gaze

  • Sneak peeks – with Camille Hunt, Flavio Franzoni, Anne Biroleau, Pauline Vermare, Pepe Font de Mora, Mathias Harder and Marwan T.Assaf
  • Trajectoiry – The other Cartier-Bresson by Clément Chéroux
  • Discovery – Blue by Martin Atanasov
  • Motion – La Dolce Vita by Sam Stourdzé
  • Dialogue – Linking worlds by Peggy Sue Amison
  • Indiscretion – The Florence and Damien Bachelot collection

EUROPA Looking for lands

  • Merging – Field Trip by Martin Kollar
  • HeadingEuropean populisms with Michel Wieviorka and Fotodok
  • Invite – This is not a crisis by Pierre Kroll
  • Territoiries Beyond the forest by Marc Wendelski
  • Behind the doors André Malraux Center, Duplex Gallery, Sarajevo by Guillaume Lebrun
  • Imaginary – I gave my heart to Sarajevo, with Agnès B
  • Rendez-vous – From Sarajevo to Sarajevo by Emmanuel Hamon

AGORA From encounters to exchanges

  • Bibliomania – Conversation with Guido Guidi by Rémi Coignet
  • Reviews – by Rémi Coignet, Marc Feustel, Jeffrey Ladd, Russet Lederman, Laurence Vecten
  • Inside London
  • Photopolis London, beauty on the margin by Simon Baker
  • Photo city guide
  • Encounter Harmony, chaos and confusion with Stephen Gill