Berlin, Beyond The Wall // Patrick Tourneboeuf & Laurent Gontier

Exhibition Berlin, Beyond the Wall

Patrick Tourneboeuf & Laurent Gontier

Private visit with the artists. 


Saturday, November 30th – 4PM
Galerie Folia
13, rue de l’Abbaye – 75006 Paris




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In 1988, curious to understand the reason for this border, Patrick Tourneboeuf made his first initiatory journey. He returned several times between 1990 and 2016, first in search of the footprints left in the changing landscapes and then with a sharper look at unusual details.


In May 2019, the project ends with the completion of a final stay that allows him to finalize this quest for the invisible in the visible. Accompanied by the cartographic journalist Laurent Gontier, this trip returns to the topographical sources of the exact location of the wall, a pretext to walk through it and meet the people and their territory.

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