How do I subscribe to The Eyes Magazine?

The Eyes is an annual magazine. Therefore, we have imagined for your a special offer in order to get additional benefits all year long. You will need to subscribe at the Club The Eyes and choose between the discovery or the premium offer. 

Become a member


Which issue will my subscription start with and how many will I receive?

Subscriptions start with the next issue to be released after the date of subscription. The subscription to the Club includes the next issue and a previous issue of your choice.


What are the benefits of subscribing?

In addition to subscribe to the the magazine, you will are also entitled to a 5% discount on all purchases through the online shop. Subscribers must be signed in to their account to benefit from the discount.

You have other exclusive benefits as The Eyes Tote bag, invitations to partners events and The Eyes Club events if you subscribe to the Premium Offer. 





My subscription has ended. How do I renew?

We send you a renewal email 1 month before the due date.


I’ve relocated since subscribing. How do I change my address?

Unfortunately, customers are unable to update their address on the website.

Please write to our customer service team at club@theeyes.eu with the order information (your name, the incorrect address and the correct address for shipping your orders). If the order has not yet been shipped, we can make the change. Unfortunately, if the order has already shipped, we are unable to reroute your delivery. In that case, we are happy to provide you with a replacement for an additional fee.


How to register for Club events without being a member?

You can register for all events without being a member at the non-member rate applied.


How can I offer a membership to The Eyes Club at a friend?

Yes. You can contact us directly on club@theeyes.eu


How can I contact the Club for any further details ?

You can contact us directly at club@theeyes.eu





Do I need to create an account?

you can buy with or without creating your account on the shop. If you are a member of Eyes Club, you are automatically registered.


How soon can I expect my order?

Delivery can take 1–2 weeks for orders within France and European Union, or 4–8 weeks for international shipments depending on your location and local customs. If you have any questions about your order, feel free to write to us at shop@theeyes.eu


What should I do if I don’t receive an issue?

Please write to our customer service team at shop@theeyes.eu


Where does The Eyes deliver?

The Eyes Publishing ships worldwide. If you would like confirmation that we can ship to your address, please contact our customer service department at shop@theeyes.eu


Can I order any back issues of The Eyes Magazine ?

Yes, however, we have limited inventory for our back issues.


What are the different shipping costs?

It depends on the number of books ordered and the country of destination. The Eyes Publishing has preferential legal rates for sending publications abroad. Please note that delivery charges are included in the price of Club subscriptions.


What forms of payment are accepted?

The Eyes accepts PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and American Express, Bank Transfer and check for French customers only.





Who do I contact with press inquiries?

For press inquiries, please write to: veronique@theeyes.eu


Who do I contact with partnerships inquiries?

For advertising inquiries for print or digital, please write to: veronique@theeyes.eu


Who do I contact with general inquiries?

For inquiries about customer service please write to: contact@theeyes.eu


Do you offer internships?

Throughout the year, we are looking for trainees to cover all aspects of the publishing industry (administration, production, writing, print, etc.). Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis, but decisions will be made approximately 6 to 8 weeks prior to the start date. Please send your CV to contact@theeyes.eu


Newsletter Subscriptions:

General newsletter sur la home page ou contact@theeyes.eu


How to subscribe to the newsletter?

On the home page or directly by email to contact@theeyes.eu  


Where can I find The Eyes or The Eyes Publishing? 

You can check on the list by clicking here. If your favorite bookshop is not on the list, please contact us. 

Where to find the magazine


How to become a point of sale of The Eyes Publishing?

Bookstores France: Pollen distribution, www.pollen-diffusion.com, +33 (0) 1 43 58 74 11

International: Ideabooks, www.ideabooks.nl, + 31 20 6226154

Press: Export press, www.exportpress.com

You can directly contact The Eyes Publishing

For other points of sale

You can directly contact us The Eyes Publishing :contact@theeyes.eu


How to propose a subject for the review The Eyes or a book project for The Eyes Publishing?

We are always looking for new projects for the magazine or for the books. However, we can not answer all emails. You can send us your portfolio to the following address: portfolio@theeyes.eu

We will answer you only if your proposal has been selected.