Demeure by Amaury da Cunha

Amaury da Cunha, Demeure

47 photographs taken between

2000 and 2018

Size: 17 x 23 cm
136 pages – printed on

Munken print white
100 gr and 300 gr.
Binding: soft, with flaps and Japanese folds

h’Artpon editions

35 €

Coups de cœur de ®©


Rémi Coignet’s coup de coeur: Demeure – Amaury  da Cunha



Photographer, critic, writer, Amaury da Cunha uses all the forms that paper allows. His work, with titles with drawers, becomes more complex from books to books. The most recent “Abode” (is it a place or an injunction?) Is a wonderful example. Autobiography (for who knows how to decipher it) and psychoanalysis are central to the author’s work.

The book marks a return to black and white mixed with color. It opens with the portrait of a young man who looks a lot like the photographer and ends with an older man who looks just like his brother and father. The conception of the book “à la Japonaise” means that the reader has to open the pages, as he can, to access the texts of Sylvie Gracia which, far from being legends, are uncertain keys to access the images. In this complexity, a whole dream world unfolds.