Alain Keller & Didier Bizet at La Comète

Tatars de Crimée. Crimée.
© Alain Keler / M.Y.O.P

Tatars de Crimée. Crimée. © Alain Keler / M.Y.O.P

Alain keller I Didier Bizet
Wednesday, FEbruary 6th I 6pm-8pm


Librairie La Comète 

29, rue des Récollets – 75010 Paris

La Comète


An evening with Didier Bizet & Alain Keller at La Comète

In “Route of a Melancholy”, Didier Bizet offers a trip in the heart of a disenchanted Russia, in search of its lost splendor. From Moscow to Soudal, from Vladimir to Kazan, Didier Bizet photographed the Russians in their daily lives, capturing the melancholy tinged with nostalgia that characterizes so well “the Slavic soul” on which Cédric Gras put his words.


First monograph devoted to the photojournalist Alain Keller, “Diary of a photographer” makes us go through the jolts of the world, from Nicaragua to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, from Chechnya to Poland, from China to Slovakia. His iconic photos of recent history are accompanied by his personal, sensitive and intimate work, a moving look at his family history.


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