«Photographier Paris» at the Paris Town Hall

© Thomas Boivin

© Thomas Boivin

Exhibition at the Hotel de Ville, Paris

Until the 5th of January 2019

Salle Saint-Jean

5 rue Lobau, 75001 Paris

Monday to Saturday

10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Free entry



Photographing Paris :

New ways of looking at the city



The “Photographier Paris” exhibition endeavours to reinvent this vibrant, diverse city through the eyes of 17 artists from all walks of life. They connect with Paris and its surroundings using a myriad of quirky, surprising and unusual styles. From intimate stories and personal drama to the small trivial moments of everyday life, they go beyond the anecdotal to unveil a new mosaic, an imaginary multi-dimensional map of Paris.


The exhibition takes you on a journey. In Belleville-Ménilmontant, Thomas Boivin has been meeting passers-by and drawing their portrait for five years. Ola Rindal wanders and captures surprising, dreamlike images. Yusuf Sevinçli walks, steal photos and then makes a quick exit. Stephan Keppel observes and fragments pieces of the city. Paulien Oltheten sits on a street corner and asks customers: why not? Lucile Boiron engages with immigrants and eventually photographs them. Laurent Chardon documents the city and its transformations, lost in the never-ending labyrinth. Peter Tillessen invents bite-sized, funny urban dramas. Sandra Rocha connects with a group of teenagers in suburban Paris and talks about love. Geoffroy Mathieu digs into the concept of rurality in Greater Paris and investigates new methods of urban agriculture production. Finally, Louis Matton becomes an architect, urbanist and political leader by creating the “Aéroparis” project, closing the exhibition by presenting a project house. Images taken by Yerin Mok, Camille McOuat, Quentin De Briey, Maxime Verret, Safouane Ben Slama and Laurent Kronental connect with these 11 large ensembles, visual countershots to the displayed series.


The Eyes partner of the exhibition Photographing Paris


The exhibition Photographing Paris is for The Eyes the affirmation of a relationship to photography that must constantly be stimulated and controvert to seize its fruitful potential on our relationship to the world. Confronting Paris to the eyes of sixteen original, fresh and often offbeat artistic writings is the promise of a refreshing meeting with photography as with the city.




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