Johny Pitts guest curator for The Eyes #12

Revue The Eyes


© Tony Burns 


The Eyes’ editorial team is pleased to announce that the 12th and next edition of the journal will be produced in collaboration with the British artist Johny Pitts. An autodidactic photographer, Pitts’ practice is rooted in the British documentary tradition.

To be released in October 2021


He is the co-founder of the online platform and the author of Afropean: Notes from Black Europe (Penguin, 2020/ Massot Éditions 2021).


This new “carte blanche” will be a visual exploration of what it means to be Afropean, that is both Black and European, and a term which encouraged him to ‘think of [himself] as whole and unhyphenated’. 


Historical and contemporary photographs, seminal and unique books and magazines, will explore the diversity of Black identities as lived in Europe. Entitled B-Side, this publication will be an opportunity to take an offbeat approach – notably inspired by the field of music – and to orient to that which we hear and see most often marginally. 


On this occasion, we are also very pleased to inform you that Johny Pitts has been awarded the European Essay Prize for his book Afropean: Notes from Black Europe and the Ampersand/Photoworks Fellowship in support and recognition of his photographic practice.