CTY installation by Antony Cairns – Morel Books


Opening 20th February I 6.30pm-8.30pm


Librairie La Comète 

29, rue des Récollets – 75010 Paris

La Comète


For its 2nd installation, la Comète invits the british photographer Antony Cairns and the independent publisher Aron Morel.

Antony Cairns uses the city and urban development as the main subject and is deeply interested in the history of photographic support. “CTY” brings together a vast selection of works by Antony Cairns from his photographic projects in London, Las Vegas, Tokyo and Osaka interspersed with texts by Simon Baker (director of the MEP). “CTY” is published by Morel Books, a British limited edition publishing house specializing in art and photography books. In parallel with the “CTY” installation, La Comète will offer a selection of recently published books to raise awareness of the creativity of this unique publisher. About Antony Cairns Born in East London, England, Antony Cairns has been photographing since he was 15 years old. Specialist black and white prints, he was destined to the job of film shooter. As a photographer, he experimented with various printing methods and used old technologies in new and unexpected ways, always focusing on urban topographies.


The Eyes manages the artistic direction of la comete