Meeting Point #2: photo publishing and emerging artists


Thursday june 27th at 7 P.M

Late night opening exhibitions until 10 p.m




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Maison européenne de la photographie

5/7 rue de Fourcy, 75004 Paris


The Eyes Event, Meeting Point / MEP


meeting point #2 

Independent photo publishing : a stimulating sector for publishers and emerging artists?


Meeting point is a series of meetings organized to share ideas on the diversity of the ohotographic experiecne. We have conceived Meeting Point as a moment to share and discuss modern challenges in the discipline, around interseasonal exhibitions at la MEP, four Thursdays a year. It’s the occasion to explore a spoecific theme in photography, from an international and interdisciplinary point of view, around a main interview and reviews. 


Meeting Point #2 Program


EDITORIAL by Vincent Marcilhacy


SPOTLIGHT : favorite photobooks or exhibitions from experts around the world

Nour Salamé – Kaph Books, Beyrouth

Mareme Malong – Galerie Mam, Douala

Giulia Zorzi – Micamera, Milan



presented by Véronique Prugnaud


Independent photo publishing : a stimulating sector for publishers and emerging photographers?


Restricted market, independent photo publishing is based on an fluctuating economic model. Despite its fragility, new innovative publishers rise and more emerging artists place the photobook at the heart of their artistic practice.


Guests for the Interview, publishers and artists, will share their experiences and thoughts on how to open the perspectives of a sector that is as much ambivalent that it is attractive.


Guests : 

Adele Gratacos, artist exhibited at la MEP

Rebekka Deubner, artist and publisher – Le Rayon Vert

Sonia Berger, independent publisher – Dalpine (via Skype)

Inès de Bordas, founder and publisher – Silence Editions