4 round tables related to the festival’s program


Tuesday, July 5th

Where is the image located? Upstream as well as beyond its representation. 

The photographer, like the viewer to a different extent, is concerned by the image in a dimension that goes beyond its final representation: what are the motivations in the pre-photographic process? What place does the notion of time have in the creation of the cliché? What role does the materiality or imperfections of the medium play?


Led by Vincent Marcilhacy, associate director of The Eyes.

With Taous Dahmani, curator of the 2022 Louis Roederer Discovery Award, photographer Sandra Brewster (Blur) and photographer Lukas Hoffmann, (EVERGREEN).



Wednesday, July 6th 

A feminist avant-garde: from practices to contemporary creation. 

What are the feminist avant-garde practices and their influence on contemporary creation? How have artists seized upon photography and performance art to challenge the gaze? What trends did this generation of women artists generate in the practices of emerging artists ? 


Led by Véronique Prugnaud, associate director of The Eyes. With Gabriele Schor, curator of the exhibition A Feminist Avant-Garde, artists ORLAN and Martha Wilson and Laura Lafon, artistic director of Gaze Magazine.



Thursday, July 7th

Nature, image and industry: From tangible to metaphor. 

How can we tell a story and document to better represent the impacts of industry on the environment and contemporary society? What is the role and position of the photographer in his relationship with the subject? How does the photographic medium in the post-digital era reveal the limits of industry and new technologies?


Led by Véronique Prugnaud, associate director of The Eyes. With photographer Julien Lombardi (The land where the sun was born), photographer Bruno Serralongue (Water protectors) and Kathrin Schönegg, curator of the exhibition Songs of the sky.



Saturday, July 9th

Photobooks : a necessary practice!  

Among its various functions, the photo book has learned, with the commitment of photographers and publishers, to become a manifesto, to offer a platform to the claims and struggles of the time.


Led by Vincent Marcilhacy, associate director of The Eyes. With photographer Emeric Lhuisset, photographer Léa Habourdin (Images-forests: worlds in expansion), photographer Camille Gharbi, bookseller Delphine Manjard, and Sergio Valenzuela Escobedo, curator fo the exhibition Geometric Forests. Struggles on Mapuche land.