25 Books

25 Books

Brunnenstraße 152,

10115 Berlin, Germany

Tel :  +49 30 43735707

Open on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

From 2pm to 7pm

Berlin | Germany


The Art and photography book store with rare finds as well as their own publishing



Run by the publisher and photographer Hannes Wanderer, this small boutique not only serves as a bookstore (offering a very personal selection of photobooks), but also as an exhibition gallery. It is also the headquarters for Hannes’s own publishing house, Peperoni Books, known widely for its work with Michael Wolf. It has gained popularity particularly from the cheerful atmosphere of its “vernissages” and book presentations, attracting a mixed crowd from all over the city and gathering good-humoured artists around an unconventional host, who does not hesitate at times to climb on a table and raise a toast.