107 Charing Cross Rd, Soho

Londres, Royaume-Uni

Tel : +44 20 7437 5660

Open everyday

Monday to Saturday : from 9.30am to 9pm

On Sunday : from 11.30am to 18pm

Londres | Royaume-Uni


The house of thousands books



This general bookstore is one of the largest and also oldest in London. Yet make no mistake about it: despite its size, where a delicate subject such as photography might get lost, Foyles actually has a very good and carefully considered inventory of photobooks. As the books are organized into different sections (by photographers’ name, country, theme and so forth), browsing the shelves next to the contemporary art section on second floor is time well spent. The store also has a very good collection of photography theory and art theory books for those interested in the subject area. Only a stone’s throw away from Claire de Rouen and Walther König a café on the first floor with regular jazz concerts makes Foyles a very worthwhile.