and the patients of the psychiatric day center “La Fabrique du Pré”


And the patients of the “Fabrique du Pré”(Belgium)


24 x 32 cm – 216 pages

Softcover, OTAbind with jacquette

French / English

Conversation : Simon Delobel (Kiosk art center) X No Sovereign Author

Artistic designer: Bureau Kayser

ISBN : 979-10-92727-54-8

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The book Un Abécédaire de la Psychiatrie is the fruit of a collaboration between the artists of the duo NO SOVEREIGN AUTHOR and the patients of the psychiatric day center “La Fabrique du Pré”, located in Nivelles, Belgium.


Presented in the form of a dictionary, the book invites us to rethink the world of psychiatry through the eyes of patients. Original, visually powerful works of art created by patients in collaboration with artists illustrate each entry in the dictionary, offering a radically new, uninhibited approach to psychiatry. Each word, freed from historical interpretations, opens up to a new, more sensitive reality, closer to us and to those who live it. In their hands and before our eyes, the scientific lexicon of psychiatry becomes the language of the heart and soul.


© NO SOVEREIGN AUTHOR, Alcoolism, Un Abécédaire de la psychiatrie

An artistic approach to psychiatry

As part of their workshops at the center, the artists invited patients to revisit the contents of a psychiatric dictionary. Using photocopies of double pages from the dictionary, they reinterpret a word of their choice. Writing, collage, painting, drawing…. Patients combine different techniques to offer their vision of psychiatry, rooted in a sensitive experience.


© NO SOVEREIGN AUTHOR, Heredity, Un Abécédaire de la psychiatrie

New interpretations

The “plates” thus obtained constitute new interpretations of the psychiatric lexicon, usually reserved for mental health professionals only. The book is conceived as a presentation of a new dictionary of psychiatry. Each letter of the alphabet is illustrated by a selection of plates, created by the patient, on a word or concept.


© NO SOVEREIGN AUTHOR, Bipolar, Un Abécédaire de la psychiatrie

Through the artistic expression of patients, this book aims to make the world of psychiatry accessible to all. The target audience is not just artistic, institutional or medical, but society as a whole.


© NO SOVEREIGN AUTHOR, Depression, Un Abécédaire de la psychiatrie


The language of the soul

Allowing patients to propose and link other signifieds to the usual signifiers is a way of hearing and giving a place to their knowledge. Through their works, patients create a different vision of psychiatry, while at the same time telling their own stories. Through the beauty of these works, we gain a richer, deeper understanding of psychiatry in general and psychological suffering in particular.


© NO SOVEREIGN AUTHOR, Vulnerability, Un Abécédaire de la psychiatrie
© NO SOVEREIGN AUTHOR, Euphoria, Un Abécédaire de la psychiatrie
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NO SOVEREIGN AUTHOR is a duo of artists living and working in Belgium. After studying at the Académie des Beaux-Arts and collaborating with the “Blank Paper” collective, Maroussia Prignot (b. 1981) and Valerio Alvarez (b. 1976), have been working on a collective photographic project since 2015. Their collaboration began around the issue of welcoming migrants into the Belgian state. Considering that every image is a construction, not a faithful reproduction of “reality”, their approach is plural and integrative. They set up workshops in a spirit of collaboration and co-creation with those they photograph. Prignot and Alvarez strive to explore different levels of meaning and different types of image, in order to convey the full complexity of a situation and thus challenge



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Les Particule, a human tale of dying water, takes a poetic, artistic approach to the issue of ocean pollution. Each image, through its plastic beauty, invites contemplation, but also, through its visual force, action.

A book that testifies to the power of artistic creation to transform society.


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Anaïs Boudot

Anaïs Boudot has created a series of works on a set of anonymous glass plates from her collection, all of which represent female figures. A modernity in the materials, in the light as well as in the tone that both challenges and imposes itself in this vis-à-vis with Picasso and Brassaï.


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