Hors normes

Denis Darzacq, Djamel Tatah and Christien Biecher


Signed and numbered by Djamel Tatah 

Edition of 20 boxes


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The Eyes Publishing and Galerie VU’ invited the architect Christian Biecher for the creation of an artist’s book, fruit of the meeting between the architect, the photographer Denis Darzacq and the painter Djamel Tatah.


An original creation for which Christian Biecher has designed a specific box. Through the choice of curves and materials, he creates an original dialogue with prints by Denis Darzacq and lithographs of Djamel Tatah.


An open-editorial creation that offers a new experience of the book, as it invites a new parallel between photography and painting.


Weight1 kg
Dimensions5 × 25 × 30 cm