The Eyes #2

Spring-summer 2013

Format 21×28 / 192 pages + livret 24p


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Welcome to The Eyes #2, more visual, more striking, and even more innovative. What has evolved? Essen- tially, everything that we want to share with you! We are reinforcing our European commitment. Photography is an indispensable means of observing, understanding and remembering. Whether it is a matter of clashes between thousands of Bosnians facing unemployment and poverty and their police, or real bullets being fired by the Ukrainian police in Kiev against pro-Europe protestors – nearly 100 deaths and hundreds wounded – or even the homophobia of Russian leaders in Sochi, photographers alert us and speak to us. Through images and in-depth texts, The Eyes deciphers Europe and its current history. Just as in this second issue, which looks at the rise of populisms on the eve of European elections and offers a behind-the-scenes escapade into Sarajevo nearly 20 years after the 1992 siege.

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