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The Eyes #10 : Crossings


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In 2019, The Eyes celebrates its 10th issue and invites Taous R. Dahmani, photography historian, to think on the theme “Crossings“, in echo to the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

In this 10th issue, The Eyes delves into the notion of border with an emancipating outlook : it is about exploring what is a border, a wall, and in the end to overcome the most definitive aspects and discover how borders also are the places to free oneself.

The selected portfolios for this issue explore each in their own way the means of crossing what restricts, whether it be by migrating, traveling, or through the culture, or even just by looking differently at difficulties. Whatever the means to free oneself from walls or borders are, these experiences always demonstrate a faith in humankind to find its way to freedom.


The Bibliomania section compiles books reviews, interview with the artists, meetings with collectors, an expert view in the photobook world.


This issue will provide an important interview where Rémi Coignet meets Edmund Clark, a british photographer, in order to talk about his work linked to incarceration and the war against terrorism. At the same time we will be going through some photobooks publications of his : Still life killing time ; Guantanamo, If light goes out ; Negative Publicity ; Reflections of my shadows.


Each photobook presentation has one review :


Die Mauer Ist Weg ! made by Mark Power (Globtik Books) reviewed by Jeffrey Ladd 

Walls of freedom : Street Art of the Egyptian Revolution made by Don Karl et Basma Hamdy (Here to fame Publishing) reviewed by Rana Jarbou

ZUS made by Benoît Fougeroil (Jean Christophe Bailly – Édition limitée) reviewed by Laura Carbonell

The Migrant made by Anaïs Lopez (Mynah Books) reviewed by Irène Attinger

The Elements made by Chloe Dewe Mathews (Aperture&Peabody Museum Press) reviewed by Russet Lederman

The Park made by Kohei Yoshiyuki (Yossi Milo and Radius Books) reviewed by Jeffrey Ladd

Boder Soundscapes made by Pino Musi (Auto-publication) reviewed by Rémi Coignet

So It Goes made by Miho Kajioka (the (M) éditions et Ibasho) reviewed by Nathalie Amae

The Ginza Strip made by Michalis Pichler (Kodoji Press) reviewed by Marc Feustel

Orient Express made by Sarah Moon (Louis Vuitton Fashion Eye) reviewed by Sophie Bernard

A study of assassination made by George Selley (The Eyes Publishing) reviewed by Alice Zoo



The Eyes is divided into 3 parts : 

  • Porfolio : photographer’s eye on a dedicated thematic

  • Bibliomania : dedicated on photobooks

  • Forum : focus on the photography market



The Eyes #10


The Eyes #10 : Portrait Marina Paulenka

Read an extract of marina paulenka's portrait, to be published in full in the 10th issue of the eyes magazine

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The Eyes #10



Those that hamper and those that bind.


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