Accepte-le – Un album portugais 1919-1979 (collector’s edition)

Céline Gaille


Céline Gaille
Format 22×29 cm
Original album, cartoline prints
Edition of 15 copies


Available in current edition.

“Accepte-le – Un album portugais – 1919-1979″


“Accepte-le – Un album portugais 1919-1979” is the album of photographs of a fictional Portuguese family created from scratch by photographer Céline Gaille. The story takes place in Lisbon, Portugal, Guinea Bissau and Angola, former Portuguese colonies, in the 20th century. This is an artist’s edition consisting of 86 original colour and black and white prints.



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Les Amies de Place Blanche (collector edition)

Christer Strömholm

Book in a box, accompanied by an 18 x 24 cm print signed and certified by the estate and numbered to 9 copies 
3 images to choose from. 



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Accepte-le – Un album portugais 1919-1979

This first-person photographic account of a woman in her fifties takes the form of a family photo album.



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