The Eyes #3


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the eyes #3




The prevailing image in France is now that of chaos. that of a power impotent in the face of recession, giving up each and every promise and confronted with a growing opposition to austerity policies. As for Europe shoved around by populist waves, it remains unable to clearly assert itself on the international scene. no fatality here, however. In a globalized context, the European continent needs to affirm its distinctiveness and transcend past quarrels.


In this year commemorating the great conflicts of the twentieth century and the fall of the Berlin wall, The Eyes examines the history of these peoples who are resisting their old demons, at least for now. Bearing this in mind, we follow photographer stéphane Duroy who explores Berlin since 1979, as past and present merge. Drawing our readers closer to funda- mental European markers, we aim at a free, generous and confident Europe.


The specter of the crisis haunting the old conti- nent should encourage us to revisit the spiritual and political testament of philosopher simone Weil who in 1943, in the midst of a collapsing Europe, suggested a Prelude towards a declaration of duties to mankind: a demanding thought for future genera- tions in times of crises.


Europeans would benefit from a rapprochement, sharing their challenges and doubts and reinventing a common project. In the field of ideas, Matthieu pigasse in his book entitled Éloge de l’anormalité [praise of abnormality], suggests a “new Deal” for France based on three essential reforms: create Europe, reform the state, and urge desire. In Italy, Matteo renzi modernizes the state and revital- izes politics and democracy. In the field of images, photographers such as Marc Beckmann in Germany, Kirill Golovchenko in Ukraine or Maria Gruzdeva in russia examine our territories, our cultures and our history with a fresh eye. Many of us throughout Europe are reaching out to those who can carry out this vision for a future in which Europeans will reflect one another, share their resources and look ahead!


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sneak peek

Attila pocze
Irène Attinger
Maria de Medeiros
Sebastian Hau
Vittoria Matarrese



Nous sommes des messagers

with Stanley Greene




Marc Beckmann

Talent C/O Berlin



Bowie made in Berlin



Photographic harmony

Prix Swiss Life



Inside and beside the image



Instagram contest with Sarah Moon




Democracy: a plural crisis

with Edwy plenel



Corridors of power

Luca Zanier



The Wall

Stéphane Duroy
and Daniel Cohn-Bendit



Berlin is hard to fathom



Europe’s borders

Maria Gruzdeva




Conversation with Erik Kessels



Laurence Vecten
Russet Lederman
Rémi Coignet
Jeffrey Ladd
Marc Feustel



The Photobook Museum

with Markus Schaden


Arthur de Ganay



Berlin’s spirit

with Patrick Pournebœuf


Photo city guide

by David Kregenow


Sham on Demand

with Thomas Demand



European Month of Photography Berlin

Upheavals and utopias

with Franck Wagner


the art world

Paris Photo behind the VIP scene

with Damien Thomasse



with Simone Klein




with Olivier Cablat






Irène Attinger

Head of the photobook library at the Maison européenne de la photographie, Paris.


Ann-Christin Bertrand

Curator for c/o Berlin and head of c/o Berlin talents program.


Christian Caujolle

Founder of VU’ Agency and Gallery. Founder and art Director of the Festival photo phnom penh, critic and independent curator.


Amaury Chardeau

Broadcaster and producer, France culture.


Eva Eicker

Curator of the Deutsche Börse photography prize at the photographers’ Gallery, London.


Sonia Floriant

Trained as a semiologist, she now teaches art at the Media Art school in Chalon-sur-saône.


Michel Foucher

Geographer and diplomat, chair of Applied Geopolitics at the collège of Global studies.


Sebastian Hau

Sebastian Hau is Artistic Director at lE BAl (paris) for photobooks. He works with yellow Magic, the magazines Foam, Else and Ahorn, and the publisher photo-Eye.


Jeffrey Ladd

Photographer and writer based in Köln.


Russet Lederman

Co-founder of 10×10 Photobooks and teaches at the School of Visual Arts, New York City.


Pierre Le Govic

Printer and publisher, founder of out of the phone, world’s first book publishing house dedicated to mobile photography.


Vittoria Materrese

Trained as an architect, then Artistic Director for the Villa Medici in roma, she is now in charge of cultural pro- gramming and special projects at Palais de Tokyo.


Maria de Medeiros

Portuguese actress, singer, and film director.


Fabrice Pellé

Illustrator and engraver, member of l’Atelier 78 Folies and fascinated by printed matter.


Attila Pocze

Founder and director of Vintage Galeria in Budapest.


Sophie Rosemont

Journalist for rolling stone and Vanity, writer for the Dictionnaire du rock by Michka Assayas.


Gisèle Tavernier

Journalist specialized in photography and art market, she enjoys traveling around the world in search for new talents.



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Conversation with Edwy Plenel

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The Eyes #3



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The Eyes #3


Bitter Honeydew

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The Eyes #3


Corridors of Power

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