The Eyes #5

autumn-winter 2015

Format 21 cm x 28 cm

160 pages

25 €

the eyes #5




The curious power of the image: it took the photo- graph of a dead child’s body washed up by the sea onto a Turkish beach to instigate a reaction from European public opinion about the Mediterranean tragedy. And yet, 366 persons died while trying to reach the Italian island of Lampedusa since 3 October, symbolically sparking the refugee crisis.



So long as only Greece and Italy were concerned, the phenomenon stirred only indifference, at best commis- eration from the countries farthest from the Southern European borders. It took the cohorts of Syrians, Iraqis or Libyans fleeing the horrors of the war and pounding at the gates of Mitteleuropa for governments to actually tackle the problem, and in many cases, to expose their national and electioneering egotism. One such, having existed behind the Iron Wall, erects a barb-wired barrier; another facilitates the transfer by bus or train of refugees trying to reach Germany. Whatever it takes to get rid of the “burden”.


With the populist demands arising from all polit- ical hues, in every country, requesting an exit from Schengen, the euro or even the European Union, the migration crisis – absurdly – attests that we must instead pledge for more Europe, more solidarity and shared policies. The EU is admittedly an unfinished, imperfect construction. It must be consolidated, not toppled.


The Eyes contributes to the reflexion on the refugee crisis, an issue which, now more than ever, is inscribed on the EU’s agenda: with the long‐term image in Samuel Gratacap’s series from the Choucha refugee camp in Tunisia; with photojournalist Federico Guarino’s news story when he followed migrants from the Greek island of Kos to the (locked-up) gates of Hungary last September; and finally, with an analysis by political scientist Yves Pascouau.


And, through the exploration of another city, Paris, we reassert once again the need to remain open to the world. As the emblematic photographer of the city that he has been exploring for a quarter of a century, we chose Swedish artist JH Engström. For Ryuichi Ishikawa, the capital looks too much like its idealized imagery: so for his first trip outside of Japan, he set out to meet people living in the northern suburbs of the city. Finally, we welcome Atiq Rahimi, novelist and director, Afghan political refugee and recipient of the 2008 Goncourt Prize. The Eyes is a confirmed xenophile, never forgetting what we owe to Greece.


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The 9-3 Island

Ryuichi Ishikawa


sneak peek

Thierry Bouët


Ken Grant

Gert Jan Kocken





by Samuel Gratacap


A European Issue

by Yves Pascouau


Blakan’s Road

by Federico Guarino


Humankind is founded on exile

by Atiq Rahimi




Parisian Diary

by Christian Caujolle


The Paradox of the Pigeon

by Rémy Artiges



Paris photo guide



Pascal Ordonneau



JH Engström

by Rémi Coignet



With the Eyes of Sartre

by Hans-Michael Koetzle



Scenography of Illusion

by Dominique Banqué



MEP: a Particular Collection

by Irène Attinger



Paris Photo: a New Era?

by Gisèle Tavernier



A photographer’s Paris

Flore-Aël Surun



Conversation with Martin

by Rémi Coignet



The Familly Acid

Life is Elsewhere

The Last Cosmology

The Players

Tout va bien




Love at first sight

Natasha Camana

Bobba’s Memory

Julien Taylor



“Après Eden” at Maison Rouge

by Valentin Marceau



Camera Torino

by Marc Feustel





Irène Attinger

After a time at the Museée de L’Elysée in Lausanne, she is now in charge of the Maison Europeéenne de la Photographie’s library.


Dominique Baqué

Former student at the Ecole nor-male supérieure, “agrégé” in philosophy and researcher, she has authored books, prefaces and articles.


Christian Caujolle

Co-founder of the agency VU’ and independent curator.


Amaury Chardeau

Host and producer, France Culture.


Marion Cocquet

Journalist specializing in cultural matters.


Marc Feustel

Marc Feustel is an independent curator, writer and editor.


Etienne Hatt

Art critic and member of Art Press editorial staff.


Hans-Michael Koetzle

Author, curator and journalist.

Jeffrey Laad

Photographer and author, based in Köln.


Russet Ledermen

A graduate from the New York School of Visual Arts, she cofounded 10 x 10 Photobooks.


Yves Pascouau

Senior research fel- low at the Intitut Jacques Delors and head of the European Policy Centre.


Charlotte Pons

Author and independent journalist specializing in culture, literature and society.


Miriam Rosen

 Journalist and translator.


Gisèle Tavernier

Journalist specializing in photography and the art market. She likes to scout the world for new talents.


Laurence Vecten

Photo editor for the press, she founded her own publishing house Lozenup in 2007.




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The Eyes #5


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The Eyes #5



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The Eyes #5


Scenography of illusion

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