The Eyes#10 launch evening

Novembre 8th, 6.30pm

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Friday, November 8th,
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Evening Launch, The Eyes#10 – CROSSINGS

screenings, Presentations


in presence of the curator invited for this issue : Taous R. Dahmani


We will also receive the photographers and authors :

Lars Willumeit

Patrick Tourneboeuf

laurent gontier

Michal Iwanowski

Salvatore Vitale

Sunil Shah



Issue #10, Crossings:

2019 marks the 10th issue of the journal, and invites Taous R. Dahmani, a PhD student in the history of photography, to reflect on the theme of Crossings, in resonance with the 30 years of the fall of the Berlin Wall.


In the 10 th issue, The Eyes explores the notion of the frontier with an emancipatory gaze: it is about exploring what a border is, a wall, to finally overcome the most definitive aspects and discover how the borders are also the place of freedom and liberty.


The portfolios selected for this issue explore in their own way the ways to cross what limits, whether through migration, culture, travel, or a liberating look at the difficulties. Whatever the methods used to get out of a confinement situation by the borders or the walls, it is clear from these experiences a renewed faith in the ability of man to regain his freedom.


Launch in partnership with the bookshop La Comète and Parallel (european photo based platform)


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The Eyes #10



Those that hamper and those that bind.


21 x 28 cm
208 pages

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The Eyes #10 // Bibliomania section

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